The Journey Toward Health in One Small Step

Small Changes Make BIG Impacts

DRINK MORE WATER:  Did you know that most Americans are chronically dehydrated and don't even know it? Here's a quick way to discover how much water you should be drinking on a daily basis:  Take your body weight in pounds, divide it in half, and convert that number into ounces! 

EXAMPLE: A person weighing 200 lbs should be drinking 100 ounces of water each day! 

BENEFITS: Helps to balance blood sugar, helps to nourish cells, helps to flush toxins, helps curb cravings, improves skin appearance, increases energy, helps remove mental "fog." 

COACH TIP:  Don't go from drinking zero to 100 ounces on day one. Start slowly. Your cells need time to adjust to the increase water load when they've been chronically dehydrated. 

POWER-DOWN HOUR:  Having trouble falling asleep? Try this... One hour before your scheduled bedtime, turn off all devices (cell phones, computers, TV's, video games) and fill that hour with relaxation techniques. Listen to soft music (relaxation, meditation, binaural beats) - or take a relaxing bath with candlelight, give your arms and legs a massage with nice lotion, do deep breathing exercises, start a gratitude journal. All of these things help prepare your frontal cortex (the "thinking" part of your brain) for shut down mode. 

COACH TIP:  Plug your cellphone in out of reach - across the room or even in a closet. Set it to silent mode before lights out. 

S-L-O-W D-O-W-N Meals:  Wanna curb belly bloat and gas? Did you know that it takes your body a whopping 20 minutes for all of the chemicals to be released, hormones to be directed, and signals to be sent to your brain to let you know that you are full? Most of us rush through our meals in less than 5 minutes, jump to get seconds, then wonder why we are over-stuffed at the 20 minute mark. Do your body a favor and S-L-O-W D-O-W-N when eating. Aim for a 20 minute meal, that way you're working with your body and not against it. 

COACH TIP:  Start incrementally increasing the time it takes you to eat a meal. See if you can stretch it to 10 minutes, then 15, etc. Play a little game with yourself - try to be the last one at the table to finish!  

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