Meet Your Coach: Colleen Mulvihill

Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant Health Coach

I am a career firefighter, and additionally have been a certified holistic nutrition consultant since 2011. I received my nutrition certification through the American College of Healthcare Sciences in Portland, Oregon. I am also a certified Health and Life Coach through the accredited Health Coach Institute. I was a peer fitness trainer and CPAT mentor for over 10 years during my 25 year fire department career. I am a graduate of the Functional Nutrition Alliance's 'Digestive Intensive Program.' Most of all, I've been where you are... I understand your challenges. Coaching both men and women to the healthiest version of themselves is my greatest joy!

Supporting your wellness journey - I'll be in your corner each step of the journey!

Everyone's journey is different, but we all want to reach the same destination... health, happiness, and having the fire service career you deserve. No "one size fits all" here - customized health coaching and nutrition plans for your personal path to becoming the healthiest firefighter you can be. Let me coach you toward your goals, where I'll be in your corner, helping you, guiding you, and cheering you on!

Lasting change so you can love your life again through positive habit change!

Empowering you with real solutions to what's been holding you back. We go beyond diet, because the "whole you" deserves equal attention. You deserve to live a life that you love, and have the tools to become a successful and healthy firefighter. 

Struggling with gut health? I can help...